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5 Businesses you can start for less than $500 in 2018

Here are 5 businesses you can start for less than $500.Start-up costs can be one of the biggest barriers to starting a business. It does not have to be. There are plenty of businesses you start on a small budget.

Notary Public

  1. Notary Public- Notaries serve an important function in our society by making sure important documents are signed by the proper parties without duress. Notaries check identification and ensure the signees are aware of the contents of the documents that will be signed. Customers can come to you if you have a place of business. However, typically you travel to your clients. Banks and mortgage companies utilize notaries to sign loan documents. Mortgage closings can be a very lucrative for notaries. Most states set limits on how much the notary can charge for notarial acts, please check with your state. However, keep in mind you can charge travel fees, rush fees and document printing fees. Just be sure to check if there are any limitations on these fees specified by your state. Education-Notary Public classes can be found at local community colleges, Here in  North Carolina, the class is just $115.00 and the book is $20.00. Get a website set-up so potential customers can locate and communicate with you. Title and Mortgage companies are nationwide but will have clients in your area. Contact title companies them to get on their list of notaries in your area. *Have a signing cancellation fee and policy in place. Particularly important with mortgage closing as they are ofter rescheduled for various reasons.

Dog Walking

2. Pets are big business. According to the American Pet Product Association, Americans spend 60 Billion a year on their pets. Yes, Billion. Dog walking and pet sitting services are in high demand with the busy lives people are living. Provided you have a love of pets and don’t mind going out on walks in all types of weather, this could be the business for you. You can start in your own neighborhood or local community, My teenage son makes $30 a day walking the neighbors  2 dogs twice a day when she is away on vacation It takes him less than an hour. The average dog walk rates are $20-$30 per half hr. Overnite petting sitting rates range from $50 to $75 per pet. You can post your services on your neighborhood’s website and print fliers.

Concierge Services

3. Running errands for busy individuals and families can be very lucrative. Grocery shopping, waiting for repairs or installations, car repairs, bill paying etc are just a few examples of the type of services you can offer. Rates range from $25-$125 per hour depending on the task.  Be sure to account for any expenses such as gas that you may incur. Reach out to your family and friends to get started and asked for referrals. You can also contact local businesses to contract with them to provide concierge services. As you grow, you can take on employees to expand. Some business cards and a website listing your services and you can be up and running.


4. Have a passion for writing blogging may be the answer. You can charge other blogs to write articles. If you have a particular expertise in a subject matter you can charge even more. You can list your services on Fiverr, Upwork, or Toptal just to name a few.  An alternative strategy is to have your own blog. It can focus on any subject you choose: product reviews, technology, health & beauty, etc. Creating good content is key. Your blog can be written, video or in the form of a podcast. Preferable all  3. You write a post on your website, record a corresponding video and upload to your Youtube Channel and put the audio out on a podcast. It will take a while but consistent good content will gain traction.

You must develop an e-mail marketing strategy to capture your audiences e-mail addresses so that you can directly market to your audience. It does not take 500K or a million followers to make money. A mailing list of a few hundred can begin to generate income for you if you are solving their problems. For example, your blog is about photography, you can review cameras at various price points. In your blog posts and e-mail newsletter, you can have a link to a website where your audience can purchase the cameras you are reviewing.  Because you have established an affiliate relationship with Amazon, Bestbuy or other companies you get a commission for every purchase. There are affiliate opportunities for any product imaginable. Sign-up for our newsletter to be the first to know when our, “Beginners Guide to Affiliate Guide Marketing.” is released.


5. Enjoy working out complicated math equations or fluent in a foreign language tutoring offers a flexible schedule and broad customer base. From students needing extra assistance to understand a subject to adults wanting to learn a new skill, the possibilities are endless. You can tutor online via Skype or in person. Start by evaluating your skill and your level of proficiency. While it is not necessary to be an expert you do want to be able to provide the level of service expected from your clients. If you identify any deficiencies simply devote more time to learning what is needed. Ask for referrals from your current network of friends, colleagues, and family. If possible tutor 2 or more students at the same time. This will allow you to maximize your income. Tutoring rates average $30-45 per hour but can go as high as $85 per hour depending on the subject and your level of expertise. To take it to the next level, you can sell courses online either through your own website or a site like Udemy. All you need is a screen recording program like Screencast-o-matic and a slide presentation program like Powerpoint or Google Slides.

Your road to financial independence can begin anytime you choose. As an incentive for you to get started, use the discount code Business2018 to received a $50 discount off any of our services. We have the best web packages in the industry: Domain name, 12 months hosting and website design with premium WordPress themes and plugins starting at just $399 before discount. Please check out our Solutions page for more details.


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