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Web Design Services, Charlotte NC

Web Design Company, Charlotte, NC

Jef Scot is an affordable web design company in Charlotte, NC. Jef Scot is led by a native Charlottean.  Charlotte has grown but maintains its humble southern roots. Charlotte has always been a place open to new people and new ideas. The community has always promoted a pro-business environment. Jef Scot continues in that spirit by providing affordable web design solutions in Charlotte, NC. Solutions that don’t comprise.

We service a very well defined niche of business owners. Those who understand the limitations of the cookie cutter templates available on sites like, GoDaddy, Wix, etc, but don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in a big web design agency budget. We are not afraid to say the scope of a project is beyond our current capacity and you need to seek out one of the competitors who have a team of developers. But if you need a functional website, that helps your business communicate, generate leads and convert leads into sales then you are in the right place.

Affordable  Web Design Company in Charlotte, NC

Website Design- We work exclusively with WordPress. The dynamic functionality of WordPress far exceeds any needs of a small business owner. WordPress is fully customizable, which allows you to have a distinct creation that reflects your small business. We utilize premium WordPress Themes on all of our designs. Jef Scot maintains a web developer license with Elegant Themes. We are open to using other premium themes at the request of the customer. We understand the constraints of a small business because we are one. Jef Scot wants to be your choice for a web design company in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas.

Web Hosting Services

We offer a full range of hosting solutions for customers who wish for us to continue to maintain their website. All of our packages include 12 months hosting. The customer is always welcome to utilize a web host of their choice. However, we only maintenance accounts we utilize our hosting.

Search Engine Optimization Services

We will implement on-page search engine optimization to allow your website to be ranked. All websites are indexed with the sitemap uploaded via Google Console. We also highly recommend an aggressive blog schedule to provide content people are searching. Our agency can also provide a list of keywords and blogging topics that will help the site rank. So many small companies don’t invest in SEO and that can really separate you from the competition. If you haven’t already claim your small business on Google.

Jef Scot provides solutions to small businesses in website design and hosting, direct mail, e-mail, and online marketing. Solutions that don’t compromise. Please visit our Solutions page for a list of services.Enter the discount code: Business2018 at checkout for $50 off.


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