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Web Design Packages

Web Design Packages


Web design packages can vary greatly in terms price. Before beginning your search for a web design package, it is important to consider how you intend to use the website. Your website should be a tool for your business to communicate with customers, acquire leads and convert leads into sales. Additionally, over 50% of web searches are now completed on mobile phones. Your website needs to be optimized for viewing on mobile and tablets.

While a beautiful web design is nice, having a site that is functional and easy for the user to navigate is the primary focus. How many times have you been to a website that was so busy with fancy pop-ups that you could not navigate the site? The layout of your website will vary by purpose. A non-profit website would be focused primarily on providing information and interacting with the user. A retail business website would be focused on converting traffic in sales and would use a lot of images and sales copy.

You need to have a clear vision of the purpose your website. This will allow you to communicate effectively with your web designer. Having a clear plan takes helps both you and the web designer. Remember web design is a collaborative effort. Your input is critical.


Web Design Package Services for Small Businesses and Non-Profits


Web Designer Packages are designed to give customers an upfront price to eliminate concerns about how much a project will cost.  A well-designed package will tell you exactly what is included and what is not included.  A package can cost a few hundred dollars on the low end to over $10,000.  That’s why it important to know exactly what features you need your website to have. Web Design Packages are risky for designers because often time the website owner chose the web design package based on price and not on functionality and purpose. The website owner is then unhappy and the designer in an effort to satisfy the customers spends more time and money. Often times losing money on a project. A good web designer will have fees when additional services are requested that is outside the scope of the initial project. This is not intended to be punitive. People tend to pay more attention when there is a financial impact. If you have a need for a website with complex functionality, employee portals, email platform, government compliant regulations regarding client data etc., select a web design firm who will customize a solution to fit your needs.


Do it yourself Website Design Packages

Depending on your level of comfort and budget creating a website on your own may be an option. There are many platforms on the market that allow you to build a website. The downside of many of these platforms is the limit functionality. Additionally, if you ever wanted to move away from the drag and drop platforms, it is nearly impossible. I recommend getting your own hosting and using WordPress as your platform. WordPress is a free and open source. It is the best Content Management System.  The functionality is nearly unlimited with all the available plugins. (Plugins are software that adds new features to your website) WordPress can be technical but it is well worth learning.


   Hostgator Web Hosting

Hostgator is a leader in website hosting. I used them for about 10 websites that I personally owned as well as my customers who want to keep hosting under their own name. Which I support because it allows my customers to pay for and renew their hosting. The only negative is that Hostgator does not offer free SSL certificates. They are available for an additional fee.

  1. Hostgator Bundle 60% off that includes a domain name, template website builder and hosting for $3 per month paid annually. Total cost for the first year $32. Click here to review that offer.
  2. Hostgator Optimize WordPress Hosting 12 months optimized WordPress Hosting $135. Free migration of existing WordPress site if needed. If you need a domain name add $15. Click here to review that option.
  3. Hostgator Hosting 36 Months is just $98.93. Domain name if needed is an additional charge.

  Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost is my other recommendation. They offer free SSL certificates.

  1. Blue Hosting 12 Months with Free Domain Name ($12-$15 value) and Free SSL Certificate is $65.40. Make sure you remove the optional add-ons if you don’t want them before you check out.
  2. Blue Hosting  12 Months Cloud Hosting for Performance Plan. Just $191.40 after removing optional add-ons. Designed for websites that need performance. Free Doman Name and Free SSL certificate. Includes $200 in marketing incentives.

    How to Save Money on your Web Design Package

One way to save money on your web design package is by purchasing your web hosting package and providing the login information to your web designer. This is the preferable option if you do not plan to need on-going support once your site is up and running. If you will need support and maintenance after your site is up and running consult with your web designer to determine the easiest solution. Sometimes it is more efficient to let the web designer set-up hosting.

  What you need to provide to your Web Designer

  • A clear vision of the goal and purpose of your website
  • Any logos or brand colors
  • Content .. images, videos, text, sales copy. Your web designer can help you optimize your content but expecting your web designer to create content is time and cost consuming. No one knows your business better than you.
  • Do you need payment processing options
  • Remember web design packages are useful because they set the price expectation for the consumer and allows the web designer to estimate the time and resources needed to complete the project. Again if you need a website with a lot of bells and whistles prepare a business requirement document and get quotes.


Jef Scot provides solutions to small businesses in website design & hosting direct mail, email and online marketing. Affordable solutions that don’t compromise. Please check out our Solutions page for available services to assist you in starting or growing your business. Use the discount code: Business2018 to received $50 off at checkout.

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