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SEO Services Charlotte NC

SEO Services Charlotte NC

Many small local businesses understand the value of partnering with an SEO services provider. Search engine optimization (SEO) is valuable because it can deliver potential customers to your website. Customers who are further along in the sales funnel and ready to buy. According to a 2014 study, only 6% of searchers clicked on page 2 or page 3 search results. The first 5 search results accounted for over 60% of the clicks. You can read an analysis of the study here at If you are not on page 1 of the search results for keywords in your industry you are losing money. How much money? It is hard to say. Easily thousands of dollars for businesses with modest pricing and for the high ticket companies or specialist tens of thousands of dollars.

 SEO Services  Charlotte NC How Much will it cost?

Pricing of SEO Services in Charlotte NC vary. I reviewed a number of SEO Services in preparing this article and pricing ranges from $250 per month to over $2000 per month. For most small businesses this would be a significant investment.   Moving up the page rankings takes consistent effort and time. Any company that promises you a time frame that will have you on page 1 be wary. Sure you might be in a low keyword difficulty sector, but short of some black hat hacking activities, it will take several months. For competitive sectors, it will take longer. Let me tell you a secret, most small local businesses don’t invest in SEO. They see it as a waste of resources. Furthermore, they don’t think they can wait 6 months or longer to start seeing results. They need results now! Investing in SEO is like planting seeds you have to create the right environment and keep watering the seeds. If done correctly, you will be harvesting for a long time.

  SEO Strategies

There are many different strategies that can be implemented to help your website. Many of the SEO companies with use fancy jargon when discussing why their services are so expensive. Let’s begin with the basics. It starts with your website. Are your web pages optimized for the Keywords relevant to your business? (Read our article here for tips on SEO for local businesses) Does your website provide relevant information that answers questions people are searching? Is there a clear call to action? What steps do you want the potential customer to take? Brick and mortar local businesses should have the full address at the bottom of every page.

  Our approach to SEO Services Charlotte NC

We believe in the good content approach to SEO. After making sure your website has been optimized for primary and secondary keywords, we focus on creating value for your customers by ensuring that everything they would ever need to know about your business is available on your website. Consistently putting out high-quality, keyword focus content is the low-cost high results method to winning at SEO.

Our Plan

  • Research Industry to identify relevant keywords
  • Research current competitors
  • Provide insights to optimize website using results of keyword research
  • Create a list of 30 different topics that can be added through blogging or adding additional pages if warranted. The goal is to show Google you are the authority in your field.


Please contact us for a free quote at 704-502-6839 or via e-mail at  Jef Scot provides SEO Services in Charlotte NC. For a full list of services please review our Solutions page. We offer affordable solutions. Solutions that don’t comprise. Our goal is to help small businesses grow and succeed.




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